Pattaya Weather: When is the Best Time to Visit?

07 May 2019

Cool & Dry Season, November – February

Locally labelled “the cool season”, Pattaya experiences ever so slightly cooler weather than other months between November and February, however it’s the dryness of these months that make them so popular.

High season starts in November, so expect to see crowds start to build if you choose to visit this month. Average temperatures start at 23oC and still climb up to 30oC during the day. There’s still a chance of rain at the beginning of November, so if you’re looking to avoid showers then the latter weeks of the month are your better bet.

December is when the season peaks; the rains have gone and the sun is bright – it’s hot, but not unbearably so, and big crowds come from all over to enjoy the blissful break from where it’s winter in most places. Christmas is a big deal in Pattaya and is celebrated in a similar fashion to many western countries, just without the dreams of a white Christmas! But New Year’s is probably the busiest night of the year for Pattaya; it’s infamous Walking Street lights up like no other night and people come from all over to party in the New Year and watch the awesome beachfront fireworks display.

January closely follows December popularity-wise, as humidity is at its lowest of the whole year, making the long sunny days perfectly comfortable. Parties are still in full swing throughout January, so expect crowds and lots and lots of traffic – avoid going in January if you’re known for your road rage! Air fares tend to be highest at this time too, so be sure to book far in advance if January is your month weather-wise.

February is much the same as January, so roads will still be busy, as will the airport, as the sun continues to shine and the humidity level stays comfortable.

Hot Season, March – April

Humidity starts to rise a little in March, and so do temperatures, climbing up to 32oC as the hottest time of year approaches. March is probably one of the best months to visit as crowds start to thin and prices come down a little. The days stay long and clear and beautiful too.

April is officially Pattaya’s hottest month, and is also the month of the Thai New Year, which means the occurrence of the super fun Songkran water festivals to celebrate. The festivities run for a whole week in Pattaya, and you can pretty much expect to be completely drenched by celebrants every time you leave your hotel. It’s all good-natured, and if you’re game then it can be a great time to go, but a lot of people do avoid visiting Thailand around this week for this reason. The week usually ends around the 19th of April.

Wet Season, May – October

You’ll still see a lot of lovely weather in May, but this month does mark the start of the rainy season. As it’s one of the wettest months of the year for Pattaya’s weather, crowds tend to be a lot smaller (although nightlife on the Walking Street continues on ever strong), and traffic will be clearer too. It also means that you could find some great travel prices and deals for hotels.

Temperatures stay high and humidity too in June, although rainfall tends to be a little less than May on average. Despite the often rainy days, you’ll still see a lot of sunny days, there’s just a little more risk involved weather-wise. June is a fantastic month to visit Pattaya if you’re a fruit lover, as the fruit season peaks and fresh, local fruit can be bought at incredible prices round every corner. Indulge in tropic bliss without the guilt!

July dries out a little, so there’s a better chance of some fine weather this month. It’s a popular low season month, so it tourist numbers will be higher than other wet season months, but it will still be much quieter than the high season. July & August are also great months to visit for surfers – before the end of August the waves tend to be smaller which make it great for beginners and casual surfers.

August is the last of the three drier months of the wet season, and the start of August can especially be very beautiful. The chance of showers increase generally toward the end of the month as the wettest time of year approaches, but you’ll still get some stunning sun throughout most of the month.

Strangely, September is quite similar to May weather-wise, and the rains come in hot and heavy. The chance of thunderstorms is also high throughout the month, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t see any sunny days. If it’s going to shine anywhere in Thailand, it will be Pattaya. Tourist numbers are definitely at their lowest in September, so you can expect some great prices on flights and accommodation. And even if it rains it’s still hot in Pattaya, and tropical thunderstorms can be rather a beautiful sight from a hotel room window.

Hot and wet again, October is very similar to September weather-wise, but this means that flight and hotel prices stay low, and so do the crowds. Again though, it’s not like you wouldn’t ever see the sun if you choose to travel in October; there will probably still be a day or two out of the week for catching some rays between showers and storms.

Right Hotel

Pattaya Thailand is a great place to visit at any time of year really, and if you choose the right hotel, you won’t be disappointed with whichever month you choose.
The Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya is located right on Beach Road, and has a choice of City and Sea-view Rooms. On sunny days you can bask in the glory of their newly renovated pool (which is the largest on the eastern sea board!) or take the short walk down to the beach, and if it’s raining there is still plenty to keep all ages busy and having the holiday of a life time, like the Body Rock Gym, Rock Spa, Roxity Kids Club, and a ton of games and Rocktivities for everyone. It really is the perfect choice, whatever the Pattaya weather is doing.
So that’s our summary of the weather in Pattaya all year round – hope it helps you choose when’s best for you to stay and have your best holiday yet!