Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya Promotion: Where to Book for Best Offers?

07 May 2019

For anyone who’s looking for a glamourous night in the perfect location, there’s no better place than Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya. Pattaya revolves around tourism, and there is so much to keep you busy, including a range of extreme sports and wildlife parks. As one of Thailand’s least expensive travel destinations, Pattaya has much to offer everyone, and Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya definitely won’t disappoint.
Set just meters away from the promenade halfway down Beach Road, there couldn’t be a more incredible place to stay, with the perfect balance of “beach life” and classic rock’n’roll.
Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya is also just less than a two-hour drive away from Bangkok, and from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, making it a great place to stay for either business or pleasure.
But if you’re planning to go, where is the best place to book to get the best offer?
The answer is actually quite simple; on their very own website, and there’s a tonne of reasons why. We’ve listed just eight of them for you here:

Exclusive Website-only Rates and Promotions

It can be so tempting to comb through third party websites for the best price and deal, but with Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya it really is better to go straight to the source with exclusive website-only rates and offers.
Not only can you get the best prices on room packages, but you can also find exclusive deals and offers for other parts of the hotel and resort, including the Rock Spa, and the Rock Shop. Make sure you check online before you go as well to see what offers you can take advantage of during your stay.

Exclusive Value Adds

This one is super exciting. If you book one of the Hotel’s promotion packages online (which are only available on their website), you could receive a complimentary room upgrade. If you booked a city view to save a little, you could be upgraded to a sea view, just for booking through the website! The value adds apply to the following: Rockin’ Room Only Deal, Toast N’ Jam, and Kids Wanna Rock for Free. So not only have you landed yourself an awesome deal, you could also be upgraded!

Guaranteed Complimentary Wi-Fi

When you book through the Hotel’s website, you’ll get guaranteed complimentary wi-fi, which you won’t get if you book through a third party. Nowadays Wi-Fi is totally essential when travelling abroad to be sure to get the best out of your stay (not to mention obligatory posting on Instagram to make all your friends completely jealous), and the best way to avoid patchy service or any unexpected costs is to book through the website, so you can guarantee your internet access during your stay in Pattaya.

Kids Dine Free!

If you’ve got kids, you will know how much this means. There’s nothing worse than buying your kids a meal at a nice place and they decide that now if the time they’re going to go on hunger strike. It can be very frustrating as parents. But when you book your stay through the hotel’s website, your kids (up to 12 years old) dine completely free with every paying adult (under 4’s dine free no matter what).
And with so much to choose from food-wise, your kids probably won’t leave a single bite on their plate anyway. Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya has three very different style restaurants – the Soul Lounge, the Shack Bar, and the Hard Rock Cafe, as well as an awesome Pizzeria – that offer plenty of choice from many cuisines, so no-one will be complaining about the food, for sure.

Reservation Guarantee, and No Hidden Fees

The hotel’s website shows the most up-to-date info, so you’ll know that you’re getting the right price when you book direct. Also, the amount you see on screen before you pay, is exactly the price you’ll pay for your stay – there are no hidden fees at all.
And if you are like most people, you probably get that belly-flop of fear when booking through a third party that your reservation hasn’t really gone through and that you’ve been the victim of a horrible scam and lost all your holiday money. But that’s not even an issue when you book on the hotel’s website, as you’re going straight to the source.

Pre-arrival Requests

When you book online, you can put in any special requests you might have for when you arrive. You can only do this when you book on the website, so if there’s anything extra that you might need during your stay that the hotel’s team can help you with, you’ve got a nice little guarantee of help.

Ear Air Miles

If you’re a frequent flyer, you can earn air miles when you book direct. The hotel has a growing list of airline partners, and their very own frequent flyer programme, so it’s a good idea to check out whether your airline is one that partners, and earn some miles off your next flight.

Returning Rock Stars Program

Hard Rock Hotels have a recognition programme, that could see you rewarded if you choose to stay with them repeatedly, but you have to book on their website in order to qualify.
There are a tonne of benefits and discounts to enjoy when you choose to stay at the hotel more than once, including complimentary cocktails, gift vouchers at the Rock Shop, free upgrades, and even monogrammed bath robes – and it doesn’t get more Rock Star than that! So, if you think that you’ll probably come back at some point, make sure you book on the hotel’s website so that you don’t miss out on all the benefits.

How to Book?

Some hotels make it really confusing to book through their website, but with Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya it’s actually really simple.
Just select the package you want under “Room Offers”, or find your room “Accommodation”, and click “Book Now”. You can change the currency and language at the very top right-hand side of the page, and you can make sure you select the right criteria just below it; when you’re ready, select which room you desire! On the next page is when you’ll get the chance to add optional extras, and type in any special requests you might have. Then you’re ready to confirm your booking and pay – and it’s a secure environment too, which means no money worries at all.
So after availing a promotion, all you have to do is wait until it’s time to jet off to Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya; it’s an incredible place, with a lot to offer – so much that you might never actually leave the hotel site!
Whatever brings you to Pattaya, Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya is the place to stay, and stay in style.