Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya
Rock Agents

You’ll see them all around Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya.

Their warm and friendly smiles are the first thing you see upon arriving at the Hotel, even before checking-in. The same warmth and smiles will see you off, ’round a chorus of “See you soon”, “Have a good trip” and “Thanks for Rockin’ with us”, capping a holiday experience you won’t soon forget.

Since we started in December 2005, the team of Rock Agents is Hard Rock Pattaya’s Rock representatives, ambassadors-at-large, with one mission in mind: to ensure you experience a uniquely memorable and fun stay at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya. In short, treating guests like the Stars.

They’ll amuse you with wacky antics and outrageous magic tricks. They’ll also spearhead the many activities and fun games to ensure your stay are anything but boring.

With Rock Agents “patrolling” Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, you will always have friends around.


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