Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya

The Sound of Your Stay™ is Hard Rock’s amenity program centered around music for all guests staying at Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos to have access to authentic experiences that rock. The program has 3 components including newly launched PICKS, the existing TRACKS and upcoming MIX.


Choose from 20 different awesome Fender guitars including legendary Stratocasters, classic Telecasters and a few special surprises. We also offer basses for those that love that funky baseline.  Plus, we provide Fender Mustang floor amps and Soul by Ludacris headphones to ensure maximum sound for you and zero noise complaints for us.

The best part? There’s no charge or time limit on use (but just to be sure you don’t go off on your next world tour, a credit card guarantee is required when checking a guitar out). So grab that Fender you’ve always wanted to try, think of Hendrix, Clapton or Burrell, and play on.


At check-in, you will be given a code redeemable at iTunes to download one of fifteen-song playlists. Each list represents a different side to the Hard Rock Hotel personality, whether it is a classic track from an iconic artist or the latest beats from the global underground. So check-in, check it out, and groove on.

Stay tuned for MIX™ and fine tune your dj skills.

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