Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya
Tabu Teens Club

Tabu Club for teens and their families!
This exclusive lounge and chill-out area is for teens aged 12 or above and their families. Learn how to be a cool DJ from our very own Rock Agents!

Tons of games including Nintendo Wii, X-Box, Play Station 3, online games, or even Muay Thai class are also available for teen rockstars!

Tabu Theatre

Cozy mini theater full of plushy bean bags!

Muay Thai Class
Exclusive Muay Thai class,  with certified professional trainer available every day from 9am – 6pm

Price per person:
Bt. 500 per hour
Bt. 4,000 for 10-hour-package

Show Time: 8am – 8pm daily
*Charges apply THB 100 per hour

Take a Virtual Tour of Tabu and Tabu’s Cinema


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